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CRS Clean Up in Atlanta

March 20th, 2017|

Customer: GreenMine Llc, Atlanta

GreenMine Llc are a leading recycling company based in Atlanta facilitating Georgia and the surrounding states.  Their existing facilities processed mixed dry recyclables and with a further focus now on baled plastics the company decided to expand with a New Plastics Refinement Processing Plant.

The sourced material comes from primary recycling processors whose main focus is retrieving metals, wood, paper & mixed plastics. The material is a commodity, which they process further into different plastics streams & colours including HDPE & Natural HD, PET, PP & Aluminium.


A unique bespoke design was completed for GreenMine in Atlanta to ensure recycled material throughput was maximised, cleaner material streams achieved and hence a more effective separation.  After extensive time spent on site with GreenMine to understand their challenges CRS designed a custom solution where the bales of plastic are fed into the plant on a steel feeder where they are initially opened using a shredder. From here the material is screened using a 620 Trommel to remove unwanted dirt which then passes under magnets to recover metals followed by an eddy current machine to recover aluminium.

At this point the material is now clean & ready for further plastic separation. The material begins its refinement process by passing through a series of 5 high end Optical Sorting machines.  Each machine picks a specific type of plastic and then transfers it to a storage bunker which stores material until ready for baling.

The Unisort Machines take plastic recycling to a new level of sorting and separation for resource recovery by using  sophisticated ways to recover plastics and packaging for re-use,  using hyper-spectral imaging, near-infrared and colour sorting.

crs plastic processing plant

The introduction of mechanised picking using state of the art machines replaced the need for large numbers of manual labour to produce the same throughput.

Results & Success

“After extensive research on Suppliers we decided to partner with CRS for an innovative solution. We are now creating valuable materials by refine processing, increasing customer profitability through higher recovery and reducing operational costs

Adam Glasgow, GreenMine Llc, Atlanta

crs conveyors

Sean Conlon, Managing Director of CRS NI Ltd commented “This was an exciting project with a tight deadline which resulted in significantly reducing manual labour and increasing production for GreenMine”

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Making Headlines in 2016 & Exciting Times Ahead for 2017

January 9th, 2017|

A quick recap of CRS in 2016 highlights a busy year designing, manufacturing and installing the many recycling solutions and waste plants throughout the UK, Europe and USA.  A unique design bespoke for each customer to ensure recycled material throughput is maximised and  ensuring to produce an even cleaner material and a more effective separation.

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CRS Latest Installation- Unparalleled Performance at Smith Recycling

September 8th, 2016|

Customer: Smith Recycling

Smith Recycling is the leading skip hire, waste and recycling company for construction, commercial and household customers across Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

Established since 2008, Smiths offer domestic and commercial customers professional waste management solutions throughout Milton Keynes. Their fully licensed waste treatment facility is centrally based, and they have invested in the latest technology through CRS to ensure optimum recycling of materials.

Smith Recycling maintain a range of long-term hire contracts with national construction companies, local authorities and commercial companies who choose to come to them, year after year, due to the competitive prices they offer.

recycling plant london


Smiths currently operate over 20 skip vehicles in the Milton Keynes area dealing with 130-150 skips of material per day.

The old existing plant was coming near to the end of it’s life cycle and Smiths needed to invest in a new upgraded facility to increase recycling and also have the capability of dealing with higher throughputs with scope for flexibility to deal with changes on demand of commodities, hence a future proof plant.

The old existing plant struggled with the changing input material of C&D & C&I and was unable to process the desired throughput.

Smiths required a much stronger, heavy duty, robust plant with the ability to withstand higher throughput and abrasive material.

Smiths left no stone unturned when choosing the best supplier and travelled to various installations and suppliers  throughout the UK before coming to the conclusion that CRS, together with their distributor Earth Equipment, would be their preferred supplier and partner to fulfil their requirements and more.


With future growth in mind the old existing plant was removed and a new CRS custom solution for C&D & C&I waste was designed and installed within months.

The plant consists of a heavy duty loading hopper tough enough to withstand the high impact & abrasive forces from the input material.  A heavy duty finger screen is then used to take the initial cut of cumbersome and problematic oversize materials and present them in a cleaned stream for picking & separation.  Following this a CRS 820 Trommel is  used to further screen off the fines and dirt presenting another clean stream of smaller  -100mm material for efficient picking and further  separation.

crs trommel london

With further development & expansion in mind the picking area has the scope to house 56 separate pickers in an open, clean & comfortable environment.

crsni picking station uk

Following this picking stage, two high spec overband magnets reclaim the valuable metals before the material is finally cleaned up using air separation units, resulting in a clean usable stone product and an RDF.

In summary the CRS System is producing 11 separate materials including mixed plastic, high grade wood, cardboard, light plastics, PVC, low grade wood, paper, metals, clean stone & RDF

with the scalability to increase this to 18 separate materials when required.

Results & Success

“We previously  produced 20-25 tonnes in our old system and we now produce 70-80 tonnes per hour of C&D & C&I waste. We are more than impressed with our CRS Plant, the build quality is definitely there and the aftercare sales is great”

Luke Smith, Director, Smith Recycling


Earth Equipment, CRS distributor in London are extremely pleased with the dedication and performance from the CRS team from design right through to installation. Peter McGuiness, Earth Equipment stated “This is the finest installation I have been involved in from value for money, high quality build and extremely impressive throughput”

Sean Conlon, Managing Director of CRS NI Ltd commented “We are all delighted with the end result.  This was an excellent project to work on and through dedication from the entire CRS team we met the tight deadline with impressive results”

To find out how CRS can help maximise your waste return, or for further information please contact or Tel:028 807 60496